Feb 5, 2015


Being rich is not about money, a man or woman with money is a wealthy person; a rich person is the one that accepts all the little flaws of his/her life (meaning: personal physical and psychological flaws, flaws in the people around us, and many other little details in our environment), embrasses them and can still find happiness even in the darkest times. This is what happiness is all about, finding the tiniest bit of light in a huge dark whole. Overcoming our fears and most importantly in moments of great sorrow, learning to work with bodies in order to move forward and make the best out  of things.
As a human being we have many many feelings, which can cause us all sort of reactions both in our bodies and souls. Being happy requires a certain amount of self-respect, so we can acknowledge when a situation is causing us only trouble, being happy requires love, CAREFUL! I do NOT mean having a couple is also a key to happiness; but love for ourselves. Yes, it is nice to have someone stand beside you through every little situation you might experience in your life, but in the end you only need yourself to be happy. Being happy requires connection with the environment, with friends or family, with your passions and goals. 
The common saying, "Money can´t buy happiness" is something we´ve all heard before around a DOZEN times, right? Well, as a girl let me just say, buying shoes does bring me some sort of joy and emotion i can not describe; but is it really happiness? In my personal opinion, money can get you things that can make you happy… for a while. But all you get is material products that can't really give you something meaningful in life; things like these don't change your life, they don't make you a better person. That's why things like that are objects, and they don't cause a powerful impact in your soul. 
Happiness comes from within you, and it's up to you if you open your mind and soul and let yourself be HAPPY! 

Feb 3, 2015

New Beginnings

Just a little head start about this blog, 
I´m following my passion for fashion and giving every last bit of me to inspire, move and change your life in as many ways as possible; i truly believe clothes can show us who we truly are or how we feel. 

This blog is not meant as a fashion guide, but as a guide for life itself, meaning:
feelings / lifestyle / fitness / fashion (clearly) / art / LOVE 
and many other ways in which my life revolves and many other ways i wish to express this with you.

Life is all about the moments in which happiness, not only our own but of those who surround us, overheats and overpowers our bodies and souls; One life is no better than the other, the important thing is that we love ourselves and the fact that we should be proud of our own accomplishments and failures, because our losses make us who we are today and who we will be TOMORROW.

Now let me just say,
Welcome to lelemode.